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Ben has been in senior leadership roles and helping individuals make positive changes for over 25 years.

Marrying active listening skills with provocative questions and established models with proven psychology he enables individuals to identify, plan for and realise their goals.

Ben's focus is on enabling individuals to identify, define and reach goals in order to achieve their maximum potential.

Using conscious practice until it becomes subconscious habit his clients have learned how to be present, ‘show up’ and be their best selves more of the time.

​​​By recognising and realising your ability and empowering you Ben can help lead you through any changes you may need to make.

Areas that he covers include people with a busy lifestyle who want to change their career, business professionals who want to be more confident and successful, how to improve relationships, manage your influence, and assert your power. Working with Ben can help you find purpose, ignite passion and move you to a more fulfilled lifestyle.

"My constructive approach to change and positive attitude to the individual aims to make not only the journey and the destination exciting...but who knows perhaps even fun." Ben

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